Zeros and Twos 12" Vinyl

  • Zeros and Twos 12" Vinyl

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Zeros and Twos
Limited Edition 12" Vinyl (180g)
Includes high quality audio download.

Side A:
Humanoid (3:47)
When it Rains (3:43)
Chasing Ghosts (2:58)
Zeros and Twos (3:44)
How it Will End (2:45)
Analog Twin (1:25)

Side B:
Mindshare (2:14)
Imagine Nation (2:57)
Lost In Place (2:23)
Voltage Vultures (2:33)
Up & Downgrades (3:01)
Android Parade (4:07)

Running time: 35min 37sec @ 33.3 RPM

Recorded and performed on a modular synthesizer.
No software was used for any audio manipulation.

Written, produced, performed and recorded by Iiitaiii
Mixed and mastered by Ofer Tiberin
Cover illustration by Ernie Parada